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 Crew Rules

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PostSubject: Crew Rules   Crew Rules Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2008 12:53 pm

1) Before ye Board! Always ask PTB = permission to board, before jumping on a ship. The
commanding officer of the ship will let you know if it's safe to board.

2) Do NOT leave in battle, this is counted from the time our ship or the enemy ship declares in chat, "such and such ship is pursuing such and such", until the END of the swordfight or rumble and poe is imparted to or from the ship.

3) Do your assigned task No puzzling = no pay (no lazing). We expect everyone to help in having a good pilly so we all make good poe. We need everyone to do their job to the best of their ability to get the most poe out of those brigands!

4) Do not jump on guns unless you have permission to do so.

5) Do not grab the wheel on a ship that is sailing that is not yours unless you have permission to do so. This is
definite grounds for being demoted immediately or possibly expelled from the crew.

6) XO ( DO ) Orders! If you are ordered to do a different job, please abandon your current station and take your new job as quickly as possible. Smooth transitions mean less lazing about and less lazing about means more poe for all of us.
If you are ordered to do a different job, it means the XO (Executive Officer, or DO, Duty Officer) has found a job you may like better, or you would be better suited to. An order is not an insult. Poe is the reason we go. The XO makes the best decision with the information available to aid the navigator to make their job easier.

7) AFK's or BRB's. If you have to leave yer comp for a sec, announce brb = be right back, so those on the ship KNOW you are not there for a minute or two. IF you expect to be away from your computer or AFK for more than two minutes, please abandon your duty so that others can take up the slack. Please do your best not go AFK in battle.

8 ) Straightlining. If you don't participate in the SF or Rumble, or do what's known as straight line, you will be planked from the ship and may not receive pay for the job you did. If you were disconnected (dc'd) or some other REALLY good reason, such as kids/family ( RL of course always comes first) please send the planking officer a tell with the issue. Remember, we all make mistakes and politness will get ye farther than a rude or ignorant tell.

9) No challenging ship!! Sword fight or ANY other single player puzzle challenges are not allowed while on board a ship that is sailing. If the ship be still at dock please ask if ye are allowed to challange, we will let ye know how close we are to sailing. If ye be in a challenge please leave or finish asap when told to. Be a team player and be a part o` the pilly.

10) Do not join a pillage if you're entered in a tournament. pretty sure this is self explanitory.

11) While on a pilly. Try to stay with us the length of the pillage, we try to take breaks so people can grab drinks, stretch and use the lpr = little pirates room. If you leave us in battle or have to be planked you will be docked in yer split of the booty. We do NOT dock if ye leave when not in battle because we understand RL comes first.

12) Claiming and Designating of ships: All ships must have the name of the deed holder in the Officers Bulletin located on the helm of each ship. Ye must also put there if ye wish the ship to be used only by ye or if any more use it. If any may use it post what the preffered stock levels be. If others use it and do not restock please report it to an SO or the Cap'n.

13) Blockades, Flotilla's or Sea Monster Hunts:Do not take ANY ship into these types of battle The only ships which can be taken into these are those designated as battle-ready, or yer own ships.

14) Important! Crew Funds and Donations! Officers and higher ranks are asked to donate a minimum of 500poe each week.
All Bnavvers are to donate 500 poe for every 3K poe made after restocking yer ship from yer pillages.
Cabin Persons and Pirates can optionally donate some poe.
This is all to go into the Snooty Spot docked on Lima.
Note: ALL donations are GREATLY appreciated and fully NON-refundable.

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Crew Rules
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