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This here be the place for all ye piratey scum to come and discuss the important things in life! Pillaging, drinking, killing and merching!! Or just come and play some games and have fun!
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 Pirate pic as yer forum avatar!!

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Pirate pic as yer forum avatar!! Empty
PostSubject: Pirate pic as yer forum avatar!!   Pirate pic as yer forum avatar!! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 6:37 pm

How do ye get yer pirate pic in here?

Well....first you have to log into pp, go to yer stat
page, click ur pic.... ( go to yer gallery ) right click on the pic and
go to propeties.... there should be a URL there with .jpg at the end.
then just copy/paste that into the part on yer profile where it says "
pic from other URL " or something similar. If it doesn't ye may need to click the pic in yer gallery then go to properties on that one.

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Pirate pic as yer forum avatar!!
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