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 April 22/08 Release Notes and April 23/08 bug fixes!!

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April 22/08 Release Notes and April 23/08 bug fixes!! Empty
PostSubject: April 22/08 Release Notes and April 23/08 bug fixes!!   April 22/08 Release Notes and April 23/08 bug fixes!! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2008 12:29 pm


Pay no attention to the release behind the curtains.

From the Release Notes:

  • Transition to new release system. This should not result in any visible changes.
  • Scuttling now causes Brigand Kings to attack the NEXT available weekend - this is one week sooner than previously.
  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix bug that restricted screen recentering to once during a pirate's walk.
    • Fix bug that caused the screen to scroll the wrong direction when walking from the edge of the screen.


Deploy the Bug Zapper.

From the Release Notes:

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fix carpentry puzzle hanging during Sea Monster/Blockade/Flotilla situations.
    • Drinking appearance altering potions now works again.
    • Treasure Haul now properly awards PoE for treasure hauled.
    • Properly deactivate "Clear Charted" button on charting panel when it's not available.
    • Fix various checkbox text that was being truncated.
    • No longer show the rank & title options on the crew panel to those who cannot use them.
    • Fix chat shortcuts not persisting across logins.
    • Fix problem where bilge sounds continue after leaving bilge puzzle.
    • No longer kick players out of the crow's nest & swordfight/rumble when they enter a fight from that location.
    • Fix problem with java 1.4 users not being able to login.
    • Fix held trophies not showing up in portraits.
    • Fix navy pay sometimes not being awarded.

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April 22/08 Release Notes and April 23/08 bug fixes!!
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