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 Swedish Lessons

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PostSubject: Swedish Lessons   Swedish Lessons Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 6:05 pm

Hi and Welcome to the Silver Skulls Swedish Lessons. This is for you so you can understand me and elto and all other skadinavian pirates out there. As Danish and norwigian almost is the same.

Here are some words/sentences to Greet someone.

Hello - Hallå
Hi - Hej / Tja
Good Day - God dag

Hej is the word we use mostly Tja is a slang between young people.

Some sentences to continue the conversation.

- How are you? - Hur mår du?
o I am fine! - jag mår fint!
- What are you doing? - Vad gör du?
o I am playing puzzel pirates - Jag spelar puzzel pirates.

When you are leaving:

Bye - Hejdå
Hug - Kram
Kiss - puss

Now you have the beginning of a conversation. That is all for this lesson today. Class dismissed.

Next lesson you will learn to introduce yer self.
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Swedish Lessons
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