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This here be the place for all ye piratey scum to come and discuss the important things in life! Pillaging, drinking, killing and merching!! Or just come and play some games and have fun!
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 15 October Update

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15 October Update Empty
PostSubject: 15 October Update   15 October Update Icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2008 8:54 am

Monster Mishmash

  • Playing poker at high-buyin tables now requires some poker experience
  • Pirates ordered to navigate may change a ship's course.
  • Brigand Kings holding islands display their power on the blockade board.
  • While in a safe zone, vessels no longer generate special maneuver tokens (double-move, etc)
  • Navy vessels no longer appear on radar or display a might ring, since they cannot be attacked.
  • Hearties' names are now underlined when shown with just their face as well as with their full pirate.
  • When all 4 cannons are filled in the gunning mission, the cannons are fired to allow them to be filled without leaving the puzzle.
  • Atlantis treasure awarding now better takes into account how long pirates were in Atlantis.
  • Vessel Speed indicator now indicates speed as a percentage of the maximum speed of the vessel.
  • Layout change to the palace shoppe's top area.
  • Increased time before users are auto-logged-out after idling.
  • Autumn Leaves will be reappearing for the fall.
  • New limited edition portraits: Bootlegpatch's Night of the Living Pumpkins, Ickessler's Skellies, Merethif's Fruit Manor, and Nordenx's Dragoon Kin.
  • Bring back Halloween portraits: Ye Dread Dead, Jack O Lantern, Nordenx's Skull Island.
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed layout problems with Notice Board news page.
    • Fixed problems with the whisk to home/houses button on news page.
    • Fixed bug where a brigand king taking over an outpost could cancel already-finished orders in a shoppe on the outpost.
    • Fixed bug that sometimes sent errors to chat while in
      foraging practice mode reminding them (repeatedly) that they cannot get
    • Fixed bug with intro mission navy payouts.
    • Fixed bug in drinking where inaccurate final scores were sometimes reported.
    • Fixed bug where users whose chat circle has disappeared while
      on board a vessel didn't go back to vessel chat mode automatically.
    • Fixed sound bug in Java 6 on Macs.

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15 October Update
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