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 Release 2009-04-07

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Release 2009-04-07 Empty
PostSubject: Release 2009-04-07   Release 2009-04-07 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2009 10:04 am

  • New seasonal pet available in the Palace Shoppe: rabbits
  • New egg-competition winners - egg furniture items available in the Palace Shoppe or through various events
  • New colors of cloth, paint, enamel, and clothing: lemon, peach, light blue
  • Cats are now available for purchase in a new color: blue-grey
  • When defeating brigands, you sometimes gain information about other goodies they knew about, such as buried treasure or juicy merchants
  • When set to the trade voyage type, do not ramp up difficulty of future brigands based on winning
  • New "Evading" voyage type;
    this is the same as a trade voyage, except without paying jobbers per
    league. You can also change to this type at any time, however once it's
    on, you cannot turn it off until you're at an island
  • Adjust brigand payouts based on firepower of their vessel
  • Update German translations of some color names for improved consistency
  • Update sound library to hopefully fix skipping or stopping sounds
  • Brigands in melees are now more willing to give up the ghost when hopelessly outnumbered instead of dragging out fights
  • Fix bug that would sometimes spawn woefully under-skilled brigands
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Release 2009-04-07
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