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 Release 2009-04-08

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Release 2009-04-08 Empty
PostSubject: Release 2009-04-08   Release 2009-04-08 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2009 10:06 am

After client update:

  • Fix bug that could sometimes cause Bumblebeard to stick around when he shouldn't

Time Takes Its Atoll
After reboots:

  • Better approximate whether a merchant is catchable based on courses
  • Award incredible forager trophies when digging up buried treasure
  • Fix corner case awarding expeditions that could break booty payout
  • Fix another bug that could cause woefull underskilled brigands to spawn in extreme cases
  • Fix bug causing erroneous booched reports when one doesn't actually forage on the atoll
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Release 2009-04-08
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