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 Release 2009-03-18

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Release 2009-03-18 Empty
PostSubject: Release 2009-03-18   Release 2009-03-18 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 7:11 am

Release 2009-03-18

Taste the Rainbow

From the Release Notes:

  • Many changes to brigand spawning; things should be a lot more consistent.
  • Adjustments to might calculations; the firepower of vessels is now considered.
  • Lessen effects of older battles on the ramp in pillaging.
  • Increase minimum crew numbers for brigand vessels.
  • Adjust the impact of duty navigation performance on brigand spawn.
  • Alter how payouts from brigand vessels are calculated.
  • Adjust route difficulties to smoothly transition instead of abruptly changing at islands.
  • Display route difficulty on Yer Known World; darker leagues mean more dangerous waters.
  • Various visual tweaks to the chart interface
  • Change the default crew cut for new crews to 20%.
  • Make the Monkey Boat a little less aggressive towards vessels with high-value cargo.
  • Show vessels' helmsmen & crew counts in the results of /vwho.
  • In Cursed Isles, assign a share for the booty divide after each swordfight win, plus one more when leaving the isle.
  • Slight adjustments to the contents of chests in Cursed Isles
  • Only allow small ships (those with a single mast) to be used for greeter pillages.
  • New limited edition portrait backgrounds
    for spring: Sharktail's Blooming Meadow, Happyharlot's Spring Garden,
    and Bootlegpatch's Twilight Garden (will be turned on at a future date)
  • Swabbie Ship Transport costs have increased - you now get more swabbies for a better manned boat and faster service from one island to another
  • Adjust the spawn distribution of some Atlantis boards

Bug Fixes

  • Fix various timing bugs in spades and hearts.
  • Fix bug in poker involving side pots with multiple folds and all-ins.
  • Fix timing bug in drinking involving drunkenness.
  • Fix bug involving vessels sinking while being hijacked.
  • Fix colorization of foamy mugs in portraits.
  • Fix various bugs with brigands that could spawn in places that they wouldn't encounter you on the sea.
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Release 2009-03-18
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